What is investment consultant?

An investment consultant is an advisor who helps investors with their long-term investment planning for the business. An investment consultant Singapore, unlike a broker, does more in-depth work on formulating clients’ investment strategies are helpful for them to fulfill their needs and goals. An investment consultant is a professional who educated in investment and they help people businesses and set their goals and meet long-term financial goals.


An investment consultant is similar to an investment advisorfinancial plannerinvestment manager, or financial advisor.

An investment consultant analyzes a client’s current financial status and helps the client set reasonable, achievable financial goals. He or she can address a broad array of questions competently. Investment specialists also make investment recommendations, provide the objective advice, and also help to customers weigh the financial results of lifestyles decisions. They also assist clients to live organized.

Investment consultants must have expertise in tax planningasset allocation, risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning in order to help clients at all stages of life and in a variety of circumstances. In some cases a client will let his or her investment consultant act as a fiduciary, meaning that the client gives the consultant permission to make decisions on the client’s behalf without consulting the client for approval beforehand. Investment consultants often either charge by the hour or they charge the client a percentage of the assets under management. 

Why investment consultant is matter:

Investment consultants help millions of people get financially organized and help them make educated life decisions.In most states, anyone can call himself an investment consultant because there are few licensing requirements and little regulation. There are several credentials that financial advisors can obtain, however, and the most common are the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. An advisor must pass the CFP test, have an appropriate level of prior education, sign a code of ethics, and have several years of actual planning experience before obtaining the right to use the CFP designation. CFPs must also obtain a certain number of hours of continuing education every year to keep the designation.

Several organizations help people find qualified investment consultants, including the National Association of Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the Financial Planning Association (FPA), and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. Investment consulting services is to support all the investment process in all the stages. The solutions that offers can include investment select lists, manager due diligence, board reporting services, and capital market assumptions. The solutions are not limited to certain investment types and can cover exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, separate accounts, variable insurance trusts, and sub accounts. All of the investment consulting services deliver the in-depth, third-party perspective needed to help meet the challenges institutions face today.

Investment Consulting Services

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